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Welcome to EQ Software, The supplier of top-notch high and high quality tuning files. EQ Software was founded to help tuners acquire the best software in order to extract the maximum out of any vehicle.

EQ Software was created to deliver files for internal use but has been opened to all tuners worldwide as of 2018. Via our file service platform it is possible to offer quality tuning files to every chiptuning company worldwide.

The ever increasing demand for tuning software has saturated the market with various software providers from which EQ Software differentiates itself by not only providing high quality tuning files but also quickly and timely within 1.5 hours.

To ensure this level of quality we are constantly busy investing in our technologies, software and personnel. All to guarantee that our customers receive only the best at EQ Software.

Personalized Chiptuning

During the development of our products, close attention is paid to the margins in which we can operate without negatively affecting quality and safety. Furthermore with every individual tuning file a focus is laid on the specific factors of the desired car such as; the build year, transmission, ECU model and engine type.

Every car is different, this requires that for every car a new tuning software needs to be made. Quality, safety and the guarantee of a better driving experience are the most important factors at EQ Software.

Benefits of EQ Software

Custom made high quality files

Tuning files tested for superior performance

Easily accessible customer service

Not a standardized fileserver portal but personal contact always possible

EQ Software supports all tools available on the market

Affordable prices and benefits for dealers

Professional programmers from The Netherlands

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Get the most out of your engine

We want to give our clients the best customer experience and help them extract the most out of their customers combustion engine in a safe and sustainable manner.

Benefits of chiptuning

  • Software based modifications, no mechanical modifications to the car required
  • More power (hp)
  • More torque (Nm)
  • Applicable for almost all diesel and petrol cars with a turbocharger
  • Results stay within the EU emission norms, so no issues during the Periodic motor vehicle test (APK)
  • Engine runs smoother and calmer

Safe and reliable

EQ Software stands for the delivery of high-quality, safe and trustworthy products. It is thus natural that we offer guarantees on all of our products. Our products are thoroughly tested and always find themselves within the safety margins for the stress levels of the engine.

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Practical experience

Because we started as a chiptuning company ourselves, we know through experience which problems and difficulties a chiptuning company can experience while performing their daily routine. This enables us to easily predict what the expectations and wishes are of our customers.

Furthermore, we also have the user experience with various different tuning tools which enables us to advise our clients on which tools are available on the market and which tool is most suited for their particular company.

Excellent support

Every car is different and thus requires unique software modifications. It is difficult to remotely assess the state in which a vehicle is in leading to the need for an adequate support system. If the vehicle does not react to the desired tuning, additional modification can always be performed to reach the desired result. This enables us to guarantee you, our customers, that every tuning is perfect.


We want our customers to have the best customer experience and to help them to get the best out of their combustion engine in a safe a sustainable fashion.


Our vision

With our high quality products and customer focused approach we desire to become the market leaders in automotive software.

Our reliability and refreshing customer experience will convince (potential) clients that EQ Software is the best choice

Our strategy is based on three main elements; Growth, Customer experience and Simplicity. We do this with the focus on market development by performing above any and all expectations. This enables our clients to operate without any concerns.

Core values

  • Guarantee of high-quality software
  • Sustainable and safe for your car
  • Transparent
  • Service with a personal touch
  • Keep it simple and clear

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